Study time at Champneys College
Study time at Champneys College

Study time and expectations

No two students are the same and everybody has different commitments in their lives. However, in general we’d recommend you set aside two hours a night for your studies (particularly for our 10 and 18 month CIDESCO courses). Weekly tests will ensure that you’re making the right progress towards your goal, and we set the pass mark at 60%. If you find you’re coming up short, we advise you to devote more time to revision so you don’t fall behind.

Everybody has their own learning strategies and what works for one student won’t be effective for another. As part of your induction we'll help you work out your best learning strategies and our experienced tutors will be happy to share study tips and help you get the most out of your course.

Of course, the fact that you’ve paid for a course and put in the hours doesn’t guarantee you a qualification. You’ll have to work hard to reach the required standard – but if you do, it’ll pay dividends in your future career.