Mental Health and Wellbeing
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pastoral Care & Mental Health

We recognise that coming to study with Champneys is a major life event for our students, whether you are joining us straight from school or taking the plunge with a career change.

The training you gain here in beauty is guaranteed to lead you into a beauty career. But it's the support in other areas that will help you to flourish in that career. 

We know that students are faced with numerous challenges in life, with levels of anxiety and depression on the rise, family and relationships to navigate and learning to live away from home for the first time and exam stress, not to mention the demands of full time study.

Here are the ways that Champneys aim to ensure that your mental health is as good as your beauty skills throughout your course.

  • Safeguarding We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and a Deputy. You can read more about safeguarding of under 18s here. 


  • Pastoral Care and Mental Health Strategy The college has worked hard to create a culture of positive Mental Health. You can read our Mental Health and Wellbeing policy here.


  • Mental Health First Aid Our staff team was trained in Mental Health Awareness in January 2020 and are on hand to assist, listen and give support and guidance to any student who is facing issues with any aspect of mental health.


  • Wellbeing on the curriculum Students at Champneys have sessions on Wellbeing, Mental Health Awareness and mindfulness built in at various points during their course to embed our culture of working hard, self care and kindness. They also enjoy pre-exam yoga sessions to help teach a toolkit of techniques to cope with exam pressures and anxiety.