Champneys College Local Area
Champneys College Local Area

Local Area around Champneys Beauty College

Champneys Beauty College is set in rural Hertfordshire in the village of Wigginton, nestled between the towns of Tring, Chesham and Berkhamsted.

As well as picturesque countryside surrounding Wigginton village, there are many places to socialise close to Champneys Beauty College. There are many traditional pubs in Tring offering local food and drinks, perfect for spending any free time with your colleagues outside of your college and tuition time. 

Champneys Tring is also only a stone’s throw away from Berkhamsted and Tring railway stations, from wher you can travel to Euston station and other mainline destinations, making travel to and from Champneys Beauty College easy for you. Find more information about the local area below.