Half Day Packages

Our Half Day packages offer a selection of beauty or body treatments in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Please note the contraindications listed below before booking: 

BODY Contra Indications
loss of skin sensation, pacemakers, metal plates & pins, heart conditions, pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy, highly vascular skin, skin conditions, oedema, swollen glands, sunburn, urinary infections, MS, cancer, spastic muscles, skeletal problems, crepey skin, recent operations

FACIAL Contra Indications: 
skin conditions, conjunctivitis, migraines, sunburn, allergies, respiratory conditions, recent operations, heart conditions, metal plates & pins, cancer, unstable diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, highly vascular skin, crepey skin, loss of skin sensation, heart conditions.

Please note for packages including a manicure clients must not have gel or acrylic nails. If a client arrives wearing gel nails there will be a charge to soak them off.