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Fed up with the rat race and wish you had more time with your family or for yourself?

Whether you are a working mum or working 9 - 5, there is one running theme that seems to apply to most… everyone struggles with the whole work/life balance and it’s something that is so important to get right!


Whether you are a working mum in need of more flexibility or young, free and single but finding your working life is not what you had hoped for, change is perfectly possible and well within reach.


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Many working mums love what they do and thrive on the busy lifestyle it gives them but unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone.  For others it can be more that they are just stuck in the same career they had pre children because that’s what they know and it seemed the obvious choice when returning to work, however what worked well in your life pre family doesn’t always fit in so great after.


There is just so much to do while working full time as well as being a mum, that’s before you even include the long commute and train delays!


Have you ever been that mum rushing in late to the school nativity play while worrying your boss will be cross at you leaving early?


The mum heading home much later than planned because of a deadline you had no choice in?


For those without children there can be different frustrations.  Are you constantly expected to work late over cover holiday because you have more free time than those with family? Or you regularly miss out on seeing friends and family because it clashes with work?


It can just be so frustrating when it feels like you have no choice in how your week pans out…

Now the sensible part of your brain is saying “well yes, that is all true but we need my wage so I have no choice, right?”


A very good point… but have you had a really good think before you just accept that your current job is the only way to do that?.


If you commute into London and pay hefty childcare costs it can often feel like you are paying a huge amount just to even get to work!  If you don’t have these costs then it can be an even easier choice to make.


If you really love your job and it makes you happy then it’s important you make it work and it is very possible to manage that juggling act, but if your job isn’t fulfilling and you would really like to be in charge of your own time then maybe it’s time for a rethink?


Working in an employed job isn’t the only way to bring in a wage.


Being your own boss can give you so much freedom, it’s up to you what hours you work. Full time if you need to or part time could even be enough.


Working in the beauty industry can be a really great way to achieve the life balance you really want.  It gives you the freedom to choose how you work.


Here at Champneys we have worked with so many people who wanted a career change, we help you find the right course to train in as well as all the training needed to market your own business once you are qualified.


We even have weekend courses so you can train without losing your current job or income until you are really ready.


We run a wide range of part time courses to help you make that transition.  It’s not always feasible to give up work and train, so here at Champneys you can choose anything from full time, 3 days a week, during school hours or just weekends.


We like to cover all circumstances to make a career change as easy as possible.


Just think… no more commuting, plenty of time to spend with your family/friends.


If you want to keep a day free you simply don’t book clients in for that day, how nice does that sound?  It can sound a little unrealistic and like a pipe dream for some but why?  Beauty is a booming industry, all you need is the right training to make it work for you.


Champneys are world renowned for their quality and expertise, we really believe in offering both the best service in our spas and the best training in our college.


Come join us and make that change to the life you really want to live… the one where you get to choose what you do, not your boss.


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We are always happy to talk you through the different options available so feel free to give us a call with any questions you have.


It can be a big and scary step but it can lead to the biggest and most amazing life changes too!