Retrain in school hours
Retrain in school hours

Are you one of the many mums looking for a fulfilling job that fits around school?

The golden 'school run' hours of 9.30 – 2.30 are sought after by so many mums so that they can be there for their children before and after school.

Great work if you can get it…. but many working parents end up with any old job that fits the hours instead of a career they are passionate about.

Have you ever considered retraining? I know, I know, you have children to look after right? College doesn’t fit around school hours and childcare costs would make it impossible.

Well if you have an interest in beauty there is a course that could really change things for you and the great news is it’s all in school hours!

I had a chat with Alex Hammond about how the New Horizons course was for her and it was lovely to hear the outcome…

‚ÄčAs a mum of 3 young children Alex had given up work 5 years before starting to retrain.

She enjoyed being home with the children so going back to a job in recruitment just didn’t seem right, yet she still wanted to work and do something for herself.

So after hearing that she could gain two ITEC Beauty Therapy Diplomas during school hours it was really appealing.

Not only was the course only 8 months long but she knew it would be studying with other like minded mums and that was really reassuring. She even got the school holidays off so no need to worry about childcare.

Champneys’ high standards and impeccable brand sealed the deal and she signed up, an exciting move for anyone!

Family life was still pretty busy but Alex found that the course hours fitted in really well, with a little discipline needed to do evening study the 8 months flew buy and she graduated with no trouble.

She was elated to be qualified and able to start a whole new career all without missing out on her children growing up!

After a short and well earned break Alex is currently taking advantage of the guaranteed employment we offer to all students and is working at the Champneys resort in Tring part time.

For her this wasn’t her original plan but it’s working really well as a stepping stone to setting up on her own, first mobile and then big exciting plans for a home salon in the garden.

Who wouldn’t love their daily commute to be just down the garden path?

I’m so pleased for Alex, not only is she now doing a job that she loves but in the near future she will be her own boss and working right from her own home!

No commute, and no settling for a low paid job just because it’s in school hours. Who could ask for more?

So if this is something that appeals to you, don’t delay. Our New Horizons course starts in September and in 8 months time you could be looking at a whole new career.

We would love to help you on your way just like we did for Alex.

Check out our course here or give us a call. Change is easier than you think.

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